Endless Nights

Endless Nights is a city where the dark underworld of the supernatural life live in some what harmony. A city divided up between many factions, which are seperated by the races of the world. Vampires, Lycans, hybrids and so much more.

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    *~:: Endless Nights Storyline ::~* Empty *~:: Endless Nights Storyline ::~*

    Post  Saber on Wed Jul 06, 2011 2:20 am

    War is a very twisted thing. A clash of light and darkness creates a simple gray haze of hatred and love. This war has gone on since the beginning of time. But, only centuries ago, three beings decided offered no more toleration for the haze and decided to make the lines clear and bold. The three had not the same race nor society, but their ideals were all equal and true. It wasn't going to be easy, and it was far from simple, but the three understood this going in. They, all being the un-naturals, broke from the naturals and formed groups known as the Mayhem Factions.

    The un-naturals move to their safety, the Nightbreed to their castles, Lycans to their dens and then the elfs to their forests. The factions themselves cleared the fog and made two distinct groups. In these factions, it was told at a young age that there must always by a balance of good and evil, and that is why the groups remain now, to balance.

    The Elders of the faction, either light or dark, must find someone of the other faction that they trust and think can handle such responsibilites to be the Elder of the other side, and balance the power along side them.

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