Endless Nights

Endless Nights is a city where the dark underworld of the supernatural life live in some what harmony. A city divided up between many factions, which are seperated by the races of the world. Vampires, Lycans, hybrids and so much more.

    *Endless Night Rules*


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    *Endless Night Rules* Empty *Endless Night Rules*

    Post  Dominic on Thu Jun 16, 2011 4:35 am

    ✰☞✞☜✰ яυℓєs & яєɠυℓαтìσиs ✰☞✞☜✰

    ✍ No Child Characters. Everyone has to be AT LEAST 18+. No ifs ands or butts.

    ✍ If you bring drama to this forum, then I will bring the drama back to you. Its not welcomed here and if i see it... I will put you on suspension for a couple days till I think you learned your lesson.

    ✍ Respect Everyone! This means the admins, the GMs, other characters IC and OOC. Respect is a + to have on anyones plate, so why not have it on yours? You show respect, you get respect back.

    ✍ Metagaming: No. End of story. I see you doing it, I will ban you. Period. End of sentence!!

    ✍ Powergaming: Don't Do it. if you do this, it will be the same thing as metagaming to me and I will boot you quicker then you could spell "im sorry."

    ✍ All Sexual Rp is to be agreed upon by the other party before you do anything. Then the thread is to be marked X rated.

    ✍ Everyone has there limits respect them and ask before you do anything to that persons character in a pm. Somethings you like other people may not. If you are caught doing something you didn't have consent for you will be banned faster than you can post.

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